Friday, September 7, 2012

Time For A New Tattoo

So I've had the urge to get my fourth tattoo for AWHILE now. I've been trying to think of a way to have my kids names made into something cool - and I've been stumped for AWHILE.

A friend had asked me to design a tattoo for himself involving two words and I thought maybe I could turn it into an ambigram (you read the word one way then turn it upside down and it's another word).

Here's an example of a very popular ambigram:


So it got me thinking and I decided to do this with my kid's names: Andrew & Alyssa

I researched many words to figure out how to do the letters just right and drafted it up (turn head left then right):

When I showed the hubby, he was amazed and decided he wanted it too. So we decided to go to the tattoo shop the next morning and see if we could get appointments.

Saturday morning we drove there 45 minutes before they opened and we were 3 and 4 in line - sweet!

The first guy in line was 70 and there for his first tattoo - that guy rocked! Here he is:

I wanted mine on my foot - why? - I don't know but I love it!

I tried to take video with my phone, I hope it works:

Here's the finished tattoo: 

Here's the hubby getting his on his forearm:

If you don't have a tattoo I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list!


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