Friday, September 7, 2012

Time For A New Tattoo

So I've had the urge to get my fourth tattoo for AWHILE now. I've been trying to think of a way to have my kids names made into something cool - and I've been stumped for AWHILE.

A friend had asked me to design a tattoo for himself involving two words and I thought maybe I could turn it into an ambigram (you read the word one way then turn it upside down and it's another word).

Here's an example of a very popular ambigram:


So it got me thinking and I decided to do this with my kid's names: Andrew & Alyssa

I researched many words to figure out how to do the letters just right and drafted it up (turn head left then right):

When I showed the hubby, he was amazed and decided he wanted it too. So we decided to go to the tattoo shop the next morning and see if we could get appointments.

Saturday morning we drove there 45 minutes before they opened and we were 3 and 4 in line - sweet!

The first guy in line was 70 and there for his first tattoo - that guy rocked! Here he is:

I wanted mine on my foot - why? - I don't know but I love it!

I tried to take video with my phone, I hope it works:

Here's the finished tattoo: 

Here's the hubby getting his on his forearm:

If you don't have a tattoo I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

30 Before I'm 30

So I was visiting Amanda at Hooked From Hello and found a post about 30 things you should do before you're 30 and it got me to thinking... I only have 5 months before I turn 30!! So here goes, here's my list (some of them I have completed already this year):
  1. Go whale watching
  2. Pay for a stranger's meal behind me while in a drive thru
  3. Run a 5K
  4. Learn to quilt
  5. Buy a matching pair of lace underwear
  6. Ride a subway
  7. Grow a small vegetable garden
  8. Get a bikini wax
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Start a blog
  11. Visit 2 different cities
  12. Lose 30 pounds
  13. Volunteer for a local organization who needs it
  14. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
  15. Play in a Texas Hold'Em tournament
  16. Write 2 chapters of the book I've been dreaming about
  17. Witness the Northern Lights
  18. Go to the shooting range and shoot a gun
  19. Learn how to paint like Bob Ross
  20. Get up before sunrise to experience the "golden hour" with my camera
  21. Bake goodies for the neighbors
  22. Get the kids involved in church
  23. Start rock climbing
  24. Ride a mechanical bull
  25. Start to learn another language (Italian?)
  26. Learn how to salsa dance
  27. Play in the rain with my kids
  28. Swim with a dolphin, shark or manta ray
  29. Try kayaking
  30. Get another tattoo

Comment me your link to your list so I can check it out!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boston Baby!!!

I went to Boston last week for a work conference. It's absolutely gorgeous there!! Here's my photos from lovely Boston!

Whale watching - we went out far in the ocean!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birchbox Wednesday!!

It's here!! It's finally here!!! I got my August Birchbox!! Here's all the glorious goodies I got!!

(Sorry for all the !!!!! - I'm excited!)


Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kindergarten Mommy Jitters

My son's soon-to-be Kindergarten class had a picnic yesterday and my son and I walked to his new school to meet his new classmates.

Here he is walking with his super cool new backpack:

He starts kindergarten next Wednesday and I am freaking out a little bit (ok a lot!). I never thought I would be one of those moms who cried on the first day of school but as the day is fast approaching, I am considering taking the day off from work.

I don't know what has me panicked. It could be all the news stories about "bullying" and random school shootings. When I was a kid I walked to school alone with no fears of meeting strangers or having anything bad happen. These days I would NEVER let my kids walk to school alone or play in the neighborhood unsupervised. Call me over protective and a freak! But I can't imagine what I would do if something happened to my kids.

Hopefully this anxiety will cool off after school starts and I sincerely hope so because I hate worrying and I know it's bad for my health.

I do believe the daily workouts with Jillian have helped some with the stress and I hope to continue on in my journey.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Best Day Ever - Birchbox

So today was the day I have been waiting for. I finally got an email that I could sign up for my very own birchbox subscription. There is a waiting list after all and I've been waiting an eternity three weeks. Birchbox is $10 a month (only $10!!) and they send you a cute little box with all kinds of samples of beauty and health stuff. Last month they had ear bud headphones and lip stain and a protein bar. Check it out here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Mini Vacation

We took the kiddos to Adventureland on Saturday. The weather was gorgeous - 73!! It was even too cold to go swimming - we had a great time.

Did you know that Adventureland does not sell a single item of food that is not fried or full of fat?! Thank goodness there was a ton of walking! I was able to maintain my weight.

Here's some photos: