Thursday, July 12, 2012

My first hiking trip

I recently joined the Nebraska Adveturers Group through Meetup. I joined two weeks ago and have now gone on two 5-mile hikes through local forestry areas. The first time was not so great as I decided that I should wear long pants (100% cotton) to fend off the ticks and I also wear a large cotton shirt. It was 90 degrees at 8am that morning - what the hell was I thinking for wearing cotton?!

Here I am wearing all my cotton! 

After I endured hot, humid weather and my clothes drenched with sweat and clinging to every unappealing crevice, I decided I needed to go shopping for work out clothing. Where you say? Where else - Target, duh? They have a complete line of Duo Dry clothing which will not drench with sweat and come in some really cool neon colors. So I bought two outfits and now I'm ready!

That's me in the black.

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