Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rock Climbing Is For Girls

My wonderful friend, Andrea, joined me for ladies' night at the local rock climbing wall. We thought we would just show up and climb some big ass rock wall - much to our dismay, we had to go through a 1-hour training course. <sigh> Fortunately, the instructor kept the mood light and was funny the whole way through.

I'm so glad we took the training coarse because you climb in pairs. One person climbs the rock wall and the other stays on the ground and "belays" (which means pulls the slack in the rope and stops you from plummeting to your death). Without this training, we both would be dead for sure. :)

At first I was intimidated, but quickly realized that rock climbing is a lot of leg strength and little arm strength. After my first climb to the top, I was hooked. We "practiced" going up and down over and over and switched off. As it turns out, my friend Andrea, is a bit of a screamer.... Every time she got a little higher she would screech and people would look to make sure she wasn't dying. It made for a VERY interesting night and she had the attention of our instructor a little well - he loved her! And it was great to watch them.

I will definitely be doing this again and really hope to make it a weekly event. Hopefully, I can get the hubby to go soon. It burns 900 calories in an hour and will tone arms like nothing other.

Here's the climbing walls at UNO:

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