Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rock climbing is for boys too

I FINALLY got my hubby to go rock climbing with me last week. Since I had already taken the intro course (click here to read about that), I just needed to "test" again which is where they watch me climb to make sure I remember the class. There was another couple there and the guy was there for his "test" and the girlfriend needed to go through the intro class. SO, we swapped partners and the guy, who is Chad, and I do our tests together while my hubby and his girlfriend go through the class.

Now, the girlfriend is about 90 pounds soaking wet and my husband is an easy 200 pounds all day long. You are supposed to climb in partners so you can be tethered to the person on the ground and they control the rope and catch you on the rope should you fall. When there is a weight difference between partners of more than 20 pounds things get entertaining.

My husband let her climb first and she did her unannounced fall no problem. My hubby was able to catch her on the rope and she was lowered to safety without harm. When it was my hubby's turn to climb and the girlfriend was his anchor, Chad and I quit climbing to watch what would happen.

While they are rigging up the ropes and tying knots, I noticed the instructor pulled a tether cord from the ground mats and tethered her to the floor. When my hubby did his unannounced fall she was completely unprepared. When his 200 pounds came down on the rope it yanked the rope in her hands and she started jogging towards the wall in an uncontrolled fiasco. She hit the end of the tethered cord and it stopped her from breaking her nose on the wall and zinging to the top.

I almost peed myself!! It was the funniest damn thing I've ever seen: the horror on my husband's face and the complete shock on her face from being thrown towards the wall. Priceless.

Needless to say the instructor stepped in and helped to control my husband's decent down the wall and the ditzy, weightless girlfriend failed the class. Which proves to me that too skinny will kill people - so eat you twig!!

Despite the fact that husband almost plummeted to his death, he loves to rock climb with the proper partner (me). Thanks goodness, because I really love rock climbing and now he does too.

Here's the hubby tying his knot to get ready to climb.

Here we are after our climb!

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